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August 5, 2009
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Ok so this is about 3 hours ahead and Clary is in Jace's room, still holding his hand. Jace has fallen into a coma and Clary is trying to wake him by talking to him. Valentine has been taken to the library and is being watched until he's taken to the city of glass to be held prisoner.

"I remember the first night we meet. I thought you absolutely crazy and gorgeous" Clary laughed "crazy because you kept on telling me that demons and vampires lived. I never believed it at first but that was only because I didn't want to believe there were worse things out there than us but when I saw you again I knew that if I wanted to be with you I had to believe something that could or couldn't be real."

Clary came to a conclusion that if she told him their story on how they meet, maybe just maybe, Jace might wake up. She held his hand tightly when she came to the part about Valentine--her wicked father-- messing with their minds saying they were family just so he could use Jace, made Clary so mad that she wanted to leave the room and take the mortal sword with her so she could pierce it in her father's cold heart. Every time she was about to leave she thought she heard her name leave the lips that made her tremble when they met hers. So she'd just run back to him gripping his hand tighter. She wasn't going to give up hope. She kept thinking he's strong he's going to make it, and once he was up again they'll live their normal lives again-If you can call kill demons and killing vampires a normal life. Clary was in the middle of a sentence about how strong and brave he was going up against Valentine when she heard someone knock at the door.

"Clary, dear, you should get some rest, it wont do you any good and Jace if he wakes up to see you stayed in there all day and night without any rest" her mother said.

"If he wakes up. He will wake up. He's going to make it okay, he's strong and…" she felt her face heat up-agh why say that, like really, she should know he's going to make it, he's got to much to lose.-And felt tears ring around her eyes. Before she finished her sentence the tears spewed over." he's got too much to lose to just not wake up."

Her mother came in and grabbed Clary by the shoulders and turned her around and planted her delicate face in her hair. She repeated "Sssh, its going to be okay, he'll be okay," in her ear. They sat that way for what felt like hours to Clary, until she became to stiff to sit there any longer. She would have loved her mother holding until she was sure she wasn't going to cry anymore, but she was suddenly hungry. Hungry enough that when her stomach made a loud gurgling noise, her mother burst with laughter, then Clary laughed with her.

"I'll go and get you something to eat." Clary's mother said after she finished laughing.

"Thanks mom." Clary went back to Jace when her mother left, and just stared at him. Looked at his sunken features, and now dried ringlets of gold hair sticking to the side of his face.

"He looks so different" Isabella's voice came behind Clary, making her jump out of Jace's hand. "Sorry, your mom told me to give you this. She said you were hungry, she says it your favorite."

Clary turned to her to grab the food. "Thanks." It was strawberry ice cream with real strawberries on top. Clary laughed. Isabella was in her black jogging suit with her dark hair pulled up away from her too stunningly-beautiful face, and also hand a bowl of strawberry ice cream and strawberries on top.

"How are you?" She asked, sitting down on the edge of the bed.

Clary took a bit of her strawberry ice cream and let the ice cream melt in her mouth before answering. "let me guess, you're here to tell me Jace it going to be fine and that he's going to wake up any moment, right?"

"Jace is going to fine, Clary. You don't need to doubt that." Isabella told, dropping to spoon full of ice cream back in the bowl, settling it on the floor. "Magnus told Alec that he's going to find someone to wake him up. He says that a witch won't be able to do it but a Wiccan will."

Clary looked at Isabella, and remembered how upset she was when her brother was killed. "How did you… get through your brothers death?" Clary asked after a while of silence.

Isabella had already finished her ice cream, and was sitting in the extra chair in the room her delicate, but yet strong legs hung lightly over one of the arms. She looked at Clary and than looked down fast.

Clary sucked in a deep breath and apologized. "I¾forget I asked." She had lost her appetite and set aside the barely eaten bowl of ice cream and got up to check on Jace. He still had a fever, but not as bad as it was half an hour. She was murmuring a sweet melody when Magnus and Alec came in.

"How's he doing?" Asked Mangus calmly. Alec went to his sister and they both left, shutting the door behind them.

Clary looked up at Mangus and back at Jace, speaking almost above a whisper. "His fever went down, a little bit. Did you get in contact with the Wiccan, yet?"

"Yes, but he can't come here, I'm so sorry…" Magnus told. Dread filled Clary's heart, and tears welled up in her eyes. Her hand tightened around Jaces cold and clammy hand. "But, he did give me a spell after I explained to him what had happened. He says that it depends on his condition, if he's to weak it might kill him, and well if he's strong enough he can and most likely will survive."

Clary looked up at him, and glared. "Then what are you doing here, standing there like some fool. Help him"

"Didn't you here me, Clary, He needs to be strong enough to do this or there is no use in doing it at all."

Clary stood up fast, rage in her eyes and her temper flaring "Do not make me force you, Magnus. You may be my friends boyfriend and my friend, but Jace is my life if he dies, I die and I'll take everyone with me."

Magnus eyes widen in surprise. "Clary… He…"


"Clary, what's going on in here?" asked a voice from the hallway.

Clary looked to the hallway and saw, her soon to be step dad. Someone she wished was her real father. Luke.  
Finally finished this part. Next soon. Sorry for being sooooooo late.

These are not my characters they belong to Cassandra Claire. One of my favorite writers. so please do not copy
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Yes but not yet, its taking me a while to write I had to stop all my projects due to all the things I am doing this entire year. But there shall be a part three. And thank you!
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